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IntraGen Population Genetics Database

The IntraGen population genetics database (IntraGenDB) provides free access to genome wide SNP data for the scientific community on a variety of control populations. The SNP data has been generated using the whole-genome HumanHap300 genotyping platform from Illumina Inc. This project, sponsored by The AMDeC Foundation Inc., is the first attempt to provide a large-scale, genome-wide characterization of the ethnic diversity of the New York city population.

The majority of DNA samples have been derived from a population cohort of approximately 18,000 normal subjects. The subjects enrolled in this cohort were between the ages of 30 and 60 at the time of enrollment. The age, sex and ethnicity of subjects are provided to users of the SNP database free of charge. The cohort is a population based sample of volunteer normal control subjects enrolled in the New York Health Project (formerly the New York Cancer Project), a longitudinal cohort developed by The AMDeC Foundation Inc., in collaboration with several NY research organizations, for the study of cancer and other common diseases.


The available data are:

  1. Genotypic information on approximately 317,000 SNPs per DNA sample. These data were generated on the Illumina HapMap300 Beadchip at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, North Shore LIJ Health System.
  2. De-identified subject attributes including year of birth, gender, and ethnicity information, including European ancestry based on grandparental information, when available.
The initial data release includes approximately 400 Ashkenazi Jewish samples and 200 non-Jewish caucasian control samples derived from the NYHP. An additional data release of approximately 350 samples from non-Jewish Caucasian controls is planned for November 2006. These latter control samples have been collected from around the United States and Canada by the U.S. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Consortium, supported by the National Institutes of Health.